Nicholas Aiola, CPA - Why Big Tax Refunds Are Bad News - Bad News
Who doesn’t love getting a nice, big tax refund? Me, that’s for sure. It may sound unconventional, but here are a few reasons why: You’re letting the government hold your money all year Simply put, you get a refund when you pay in more taxes (i.e., through withholding or estimated […]

Why Big Tax Refunds Are Bad News

Nicholas Aiola, CPA - The Floor Is Tax Planning - Jump
Full disclosure: Believe it or not, I understand that tax planning is not at the top of everyone’s priority list, especially during the summer. With that said, it could be extremely beneficial to spend a little time analyzing your financial situation on a regular basis throughout the year; nothing crazy, […]

The Floor Is Tax Planning

Nicholas Aiola, CPA - Tax Day Meme Dump - Happy Tax Day!
Here are some memes to get you (read: me) through tax day in one piece: Did you like this article? Feel like it was missing something? Rate it to let us know 🙂 Nick Aiola is a CPA and the owner of Aiola CPA, PLLC. Nick and his team provide […]

Tax Day Meme Dump